Concurs foto international: “One World”

Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) welcomes you to the first international contest organized by the association.

one world

You are offered the chance to compete with thousands of photographers like you. Authors of the two best works will win some money, but most of all international fame and prestige. A few may get an Honorary Mention. In the end all photographs will be on a gallery where a global audience may easily evaluate a participant’s work, yours included. Last but not least, your images can be published in the pages of 29 photo magazines from 13 countries. Maybe your country.

Theme: One World

Your photographs are to show that with the new ways of communicating, including the image, we all live in a world where borders are changing. Today we are living on a planet where all countries, all cultures and all humans can easily be in contact, either physically (plane, car, train…), or via the web. The world is in the process of becoming a single entity. Some borders disappear. Others reappear. But we should think of our planet as a common good and act in solidarity. The approach may be documentary, poetic, ironic, critical, social, architectural, ecological or metaphorical. All stylistic approaches are possible: what matters will be the implication of the photographer’s eye to interpret our contemporary world and the quality of the photographs proposed.


The winner of the Amateur Category gets 4.000 Euro
The winner of the Professional Category gets 6.000 Euro

You can enter up to 3 images. Online submission of digital images via the website.
Image requirements: JPG format; 1,500 pixels wide (horizontal image) or 1,500 pixels tall (vertical image).

Competition Rules


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