Istanbul Photo Awards 2019 – concurs de fotojurnalism

Submissions for the 2019 Anadolu Agency’s Istanbul Photo Awards opened, the news agency has announced. This year marks the fifth anniversary of the contest, which is open to professional photographers.

Istanbul Photo Awards 2019 photojournalism contest prizes
Istanbul Photo Awards 2019

The Istanbul Photo Awards aims to support the profession of photojournalism. The awards reward endeavors of courageous and talented photojournalists from around the world on merit.
Photographers across the world are expected to submit pictures capturing global events from throughout the year.

Along with the generous awards of the contest aiming to support the hard work and dedication of news photographers worldwide, the application is totally free.

Mainly focusing on news and sports photos, the Istanbul Photo Awards 2019 has four categories:
•Single News
•Story News
•Single Sports
•Story Sports

concurs international fotojurnalism Istanbul Photo Awards 2019
Istanbul Photo Awards

Single News 1st prize winner will be nominated as “Photo of the Year”, the laureate receives 8.000 USD in total.


→First – 8,000 USD
→Second – 3,000 USD
→Third – 1,500 USD

→First – 5,000 USD
→Secodn – 3,000 USD
→Third – 1,500 USD

→First – 5,000 USD
→Second – 3,000 USD
→Third – 1,500 USD

→First – 5,000 USD
→Second – 3,000 USD
→Third – 1,500 USD

Deadline: January 31, 2019

International Jury Gathering: April in Turkey
Announcement of winners: April-May

Please read all Rules&Terms on this webpage

Applications will be accepted at

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Professional photographers from 125 countries sent around 37000 photos to Istanbul Photo Awards 2018 last year. 27 photographers from 22 countries have received generous prizes besides being a part of the international exhibitions and Photobook.

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