The Pentax-Eminence Photo Contest 2015

Pentax, Ricoh Imaging has at last launched their official operation with Eminence Distribution Limited in Bangladesh very recently. Lot of activities and programs are going to be arranged; and Pentax-Eminence Photo Contest, 2015 is the first of many.

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Pentax-Eminence Photo Contest 2015

The contest is open to all, professional and amateur, regardless of age, sex or nationality.


Grand Prize Winner (By Vote)
1. Pentax-Eminence Popular Award, 2015 (Trophy)
2. Pentax DSLR Camera

Jury Award
1. Pentax-Eminence Photograph of the Year Award (Trophy and Certificate)
2. Ricoh Adventure Proof Camera

Special Award – Pentax Binocular

Voting will open from 1st March and the winner will be announced in the same month.

After carefully reading all the information here, download the entry form, fill it up, and bring the form with the softcopy of your photograph to the Pentax/Eminence’s showroom. People, who live outside of Dhaka or the country, send an e-mail ( with the properly filled form and photographs attached and call for the bank detail for depositing entry fee.

Entry fee: 1 USD per submission

Image requirements: JPEG format, minimum 200 dpi; up to 20 MB recommended. Winners have to provide the original full resolution photograph. Digital manipulation and any kind of Photoshop effect are not allowed; only basic color corrections and cropping are allowed.

Entry deadline: 28 February 2015


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