Winners of the News Photo Awards. Overcoming COVID photo contest

Photojournalists Diego Ibarra Sánchez, Josh Edelson, Tao Liang and Ilya Pitalev chosen as the winners of the News Photo Awards. Overcoming COVID photo contest.

winners of the News Photo Awards. Overcoming COVID photo contest
© Photojournalists Diego Ibarra Sánchez

Brais Lorenzo Couto, a press photographer from Spain’s EFE News Agency, whose work Birthday has been chosen as the contest’s Grand Prize winner, will receive the top monetary award of $10,000.

castigator concurs photojurnalism covid tass
© Brais Lorenzo Couto

“I’m in a cloud right now and never forget this moment! I would like to thank all my colleagues and thank them for the opportunity to submit these works to the contest. And surely I would like to extend my gratitude to this wonderful lady who I had a chance to take a photo of during her birthday celebration”, said the Grand Prize winner Brais Lorenzo Couto commenting the victory.

Ilya Pitalev, a photojournalist from the Rossiya Segodnya news agency (Sputnik), whose image The Sacrament won the Single Photo category.

poza batran medic costum protectie covid premiu concurs fotojurnalism
© Ilya Pitalev

“This photo was taken last May during the quarantine period. I was looking for a topic to conduct a photo shoot on COVID and came across the information about a specially created division of priests who visit their congregants at home. I manage to contact one of them and this photo was taken precisely during a visit to the parishioner by father Ioann, the rector of the church at Botkin hospital. Thank you very much to the organizers! Such a solid jury panel means a lot to a photographer when his work is chosen as a winner – it motivates one to advance onward,” Best Single Photo category winner Ilya Pitalev pointed out.

Adam Gray, a reporter from Britain’s South West News Service (SWNS) has been chosen as the winner in the Photo Series category. The jury selected his series of pictures entitled In the Epicenter of COVID-19 as the best.

poza statuia libertatii containere medicale covid america new york fotojurnalism
© Adam Gray

“I’m very proud of this award and would like to thank my colleagues who captured and documented the events related to pandemic depicting the work of all services. I think that with the advent of vaccines, the situation will change for the better,” said Adam Gray, the Photo Series category winner.

The winners of these two categories received $3,000 each.

All images can be seen on this website

The global photo contest for professional press photographers, News Photo Awards. Overcoming COVID, kicked off on October 5, 2020. It was devoted to overcoming the coronavirus pandemic and focused on lauding the significance of the work of photojournalists who demonstrated outstanding heroism during the COVID-19 outbreak.

About 4,000 photos were sent to the contest by press photographers from 84 countries. China, India, Malaysia, Iran, Russia, Italy, Turkey, and the US occupied the leading positions in terms of the number of submitted applications.

The News Photo Awards. Overcoming COVID photo contest is sponsored by the Russian Direct Investment Fund, the sovereign wealth fund of Russia, which has been assigned by the Russian President to finance the production of the Sputnik V vaccine and oversee its global marketing.


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