8 granturi oferite de Reuters pentru finantarea proiectelor de fotojurnalism

Reuters Pictures is offering up to eight grants each worth $5000USD in a new award promoting emerging photojournalists. The Reuters Photo Grant aims to discover and develop new photojournalist talent with expert training on offer for eight emerging image-makers

grant finantare proiecte fotojurnalism fotografi poze
Reuters launches new photojournalism grant

Reuters launches new photojournalism grant

Both professionals and students of photojournalism who want to develop their skills by working on news-based photo assignments can apply from 10 September – 10 December. Photographers should be able to pitch projects and propose how to bring the series to fruition. Images taken by the grant recipients will then be distributed to an international audience across Reuters’ platforms globally.

Winners will receive expert advice and guidance from Yannis Behrakis, a Reuters photojournalist and the senior editor of special projects. Behrakis’ recent work on the European refugee crisis was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Photography in 2016.

Yannis Behrakis fotograf fotoreporter Reuters Pictures
A Syrian refugee kisses his daughter as he walks through a rainstorm towards Greece’s border with Macedonia, near the Greek village of Idomeni, September 10, 2015. Reuters and The New York Times shared the Pulitzer Prize for breaking news photography for images of the migrant crisis in Europe and the Middle East. Image © REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis

Candidates do not need to be professional photojournalists, but must demonstrate an ability to successfully conceive and complete their grant project.

Reuters welcomes diverse candidates from all backgrounds and is excited to work with emerging talents who can tell stories from new perspectives.

To apply, candidates should submit a 35-50 picture portfolio along with a CV and detailed cover letter explaining their proposed project for the grant to ReutersPhotoGrant@thomsonreuters.com until – 10 December 2017

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