Rezultatele concursului de fotografie Foto Safari

Castigatorul concursului de fotografie Foto Safari organizat de revista engleza de fotografie Digital Photographer (DP) si Captures Safaris a fost castigat de Andrew Scriven:

concurs foto safari
Andrew Scriven

Fotografia lui Andrew Scriven a fost aleasa din 1.000 de imagini inscrise in concurs, iar el a castigat un tur de 7 zile la un foto safari sub indrumare unui fotograf profesionist.

Despre fotografia inscrisa la concurs Andrew spune:

“I was sailing in the Antarctic Ocean. Approaching from the stern, the humpback whale swam slowly to the surface alongside me. The water was so clear I was able to watch it from some depth. It brushed the surface, taking in a breath and a view of the ship before slowly and effortlessly descending back down into the depths and darkness. I held my breath and took the photograph. It was a magical moment. The polarizing filter and wake from our ship helped create the beautiful effect seen on the water.”


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