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National Geographic – Grant for Photography .

National Geographic awards one Grant for Photography annually to a professional photojournalist. The Grant monies go directly to funding the production of a photography project. The project may be considered for publication in National Geographic magazine and/or the National Geographic magazine website or for possible exhibit at National Geographic headquarters or other venues. Individuals who would like to be considered for the NG Grant must submit a Grant Application according to the guidelines described below.

National Geographic will award one $50,000 (U.S. dollars) grant. The grant may be subject to U.S. federal and state tax. The Grantee is responsible for paying any taxes that may be applied. If the Grantee currently resides in the U.S., National Geographic will provide the 1099 income reporting form. If the Grantee resides outside of the U.S., National Geographic will provide the 1042 income reporting form.

There is no entry fee for the grant competition.

Any individual currently working full-time as a professional photojournalist is eligible to apply for the Grant. To qualify as a professional photojournalist, an individual must receive the majority of his or her income from “documenting issues and events through still photography.”

All applications must be postmarked no later than February 1, 2008. Applications received after this date will not be entered into the competition.

Applications must be submitted on a single CD that can be read on both Mac and PC platforms. The CD should be clearly labeled with the Applicant’s name. The Applicant should submit a hard copy of the completed application form with the Applicant’s signature and the CD to:

National Geographic Magazine
Photographic Department
Photography Grant Application
1145 17th Street NW
Washington D.C. 20036

DO NOT include prints, transparencies, slides, or other materials with your CD. Judges will only consider digital images. National Geographic WILL NOT return such materials to the applicant. The only hard copy document that should be included with your submission is the application form.

Restul informatiilor se gasesc aici: http://magma.nationalgeographic.com


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